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FM @ Libre Software Meeting

(July 0-14, Strasbourg, France).

FLOSS Manuals English and French crews will be meeting to make Free Manuals (Books) about Free Software and give them away. Adam Hyde will travel by the Bookimobile (http://blog.booki.cc/2010/11/booki-mobile-takes-to-the-road/) to Strasbourg and meet up with the French FM crew. Elisa de Castro Guerra and Adam will then do a presentation on the 11th (http://2011.rmll.info/FLOSS-Manual-Francophone-une-association-qui-promouvoit-la-documentation-libre-sur-les-logiciels?lang=fr).

The books will be made by hand on site with the Bookimobile and given away for free. Supported by Organisation int. de la Francophonie.

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