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Campcaster 1.4

Campcaster: InstallSynaptic

Install with Synaptic

This installation method is intended for desktop computers running Ubuntu GNU/Linux, and is the method recommended for new Campcaster users. (For an alternative command-line install method, see the next section).

Add a new repository

Firstly, we need to add a repository. This is the software archive that we will install Campcaster from. For more information on this process see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu

Go to the menu item System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager (usually located in your top panel on the desktop). You will usually need to enter your password. Select Settings -> Repositories item from the upper menu bar in Synaptic.


Click on the 'Other Software' tab. Click the 'Add' button. Copy and paste the following line into the pop-up window that appears:

deb http://apt.64studio.com/backports/ karmic-backports main

For later versions of Ubuntu, substitute lucid-backports or maverick-backports in place of karmic-backports. After pasting, click the 'Add Source' button, then the 'Close' button in the Software Sources window.


You will be prompted that 'The information about available software is out of date'.


Click on the 'Reload' button in the dialog box, and the new information will be downloaded. You will receive an error about a public key not being available. (We will rectify this in the next step).

Install the package signing key

Click on the search icon on the upper toolbar (a magnifying glass) and type:


Only one package should be found. Click on the checkbox to the immediate left of the Package name and select 'Mark for installation' from the small pop-up menu. You will be warned that the package cannot be authenticated, but you should go ahead and click the 'Mark' button in this dialog. Then click the 'Apply' button in the main toolbar.


After the 64studio-apt package has downloaded, a dialog will appear saying that the changes have been applied.


Go to Settings -> Repositories again, and click on the Authentication tab. Under the heading 'Trusted software providers', there should now be an entry for the APT Archive from 64 Studio.


Close this window and click the 'Reload' button in the main Synaptic toolbar, top left.

Install Campcaster

Return to the search tool, and this time type:


In the window of search results, click the box to the left of 'campcaster-studio' and select 'Mark for installation' as you did before.


You will see a dialog asking you to 'Mark additional required changes?', which refers to additional packages that Campcaster depends on. Click 'Mark' to continue.


Click the 'Apply' button in the main tool bar and then 'Apply' again in the summary window that will appear.


The packages will be downloaded, installed and configured. You may see a warning that your version of PostgreSQL is too old, but this won't prevent Campcaster from working. Click the 'Forward' button to continue.


When the install has finished, click the 'Close' button in the 'Changes applied' window.


Then close Synaptic with File -> Quit. If installation completed successfully, you can skip the next section on installing from the command line.