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Campcaster 1.4

Campcaster: PlaylistsStudio


Playlists can be created and edited in the Playlist window, which has a toggle button on the Master Panel. If there is no playlist currently open, clicking the Playlist button creates a new empty and untitled playlist.

Edit Playlist

The Playlist window can also be opened by right-clicking on an existing playlist name in the Live Mode or Scratchpad windows, and selecting Edit Playlist from the context menu. The Playlist window enables removing items from the currently open playlist, changing item order, changing fade times, or renaming the playlist. Items are ordered with the first item to be played at the top, and the last item at the bottom. Playlists can be nested inside other playlists, such as a short playlist of commercials within a longer broadcast program.

The Playlist window includes:

  • The Name field, where you should enter the title of your playlist. If you do not name the playlist, you will be prompted to enter a title when you save it
  • The Start times of the playlist items, starting from zero. Start time for the subsequent items is calculated automatically
  • The Title column displays the names of the files or nested playlists
  • The Length column lists the duration of each item
  • The Fade in and Fade out columns display the transition time in seconds, from zero to full level (for fade in) and from full level to zero (for fade out). The default transition time is set to zero
  • The Lock fade-out to following fade in checkbox locks each fade out time to the following fade in, so that you only have to edit one value if you require the fades to be the same length
  • The Close button will close the current playlist, and also close the Playlist window. A dialog will appear suggesting that you save the playlist, if you have not done so since the last edit
  • The Save button enables you to save your changes. It does not close the Playlist window automatically 

A saved playlist will be visible in the Scratchpad. If you still have the Playlist window open, a message in the lower part of the window will confirm the name of the playlist that has been saved.

Save Playlist 

Right-clicking on the items in the Playlist window provides additional functions for playlist editing:

  • Move Up: moves the file or nested playlist earlier in the playlist order

  • Move Down: moves the file or nested playlist later in the playlist order

  • Remove: removes a file or nested playlist from the open playlist. However, the item removed still remains in the Campcaster storage system