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CiviCRM for human rights organisations


 Fundraising is usually one of most crucial activities in organisation's life. Fundraising from supporters (individuals) is especially labour-intensive part of this work, but it also brings additional benefits, like spreading the message about organisation's mission and sustaining long-lasting relationships between supporters and organisation. CiviCRM has been built with the goal to make this work easier. 

Contribution pages 

With CiviContribution module you can multiply the fund-raise for your cause letting that the people that is already committed with your cause help you with specific actions. They can create their own personal campaign pages and support you to fundraise for any campaign. Use tell a friend functionality to engage more supporters in raising money for your organization and give them credit for any money that raise from other people on your behalf. 

Tell a Friend gives your contributors an easy way to spread the word about this fundraising campaign. The contribution thank-you page will include a link to a form where they can enter their friends' email addresses, along with a personalized message. CiviCRM will record these solicitation activities, and will add the friends to your database.

Help us spread the word and leverage the power of your contribution by telling your friends. Use the space below to personalize your email message - let your friends know why you support us. Then fill in the name(s) and email address(es) and click 'Send Your Message'.


CiviContribute allows you to configure any number of Premiums which can be offered to contributors as incentives / thank-you gifts. Premiums may be tangible items (i.e. a coffee mug or t-shirt).

You can use this section to enter and update all premiums that you want to offer on any of your Online Contribution pages. Then you can assign one or more premiums to a specific.

Involving supporters 

Other way to multiply your donations is configuring a widget. Campaigns support a thermometer style widget that you can embed on other websites and blogs

CiviContribute widgets allow you and your supporters to easily promote this fund-raising campaign. Widget code can be added to any web page - and will provide a real-time display of current contribution results, and a direct link to this contribution page. 

Then you can assign one or more premiums to a specific.   

Membership programmes 

Another way of fundraising for your cause could be done inviting people to become your members.

You can track and manage membership as you like and adapt them according to your needs.

You can define different membership types for your own organisation.  CiviCRM provides tools to track contacts through the membership cycle, and handles membership renewals. A central aim of CiviMember is to automate membership administration as much as possible.

Case of study 

Amnesty International is a useful case study to learn from when deciding how to manage membership. 

By registering on amnesty.org members can join the human rights conversation.

Their  members receive  emails about human rights campaigns that are targeted to their interests and opportunities to take action for human rights impact. 

Contribution reporting 

CiviReport is useful as mechanism of transparency.  Is possible that your donors ask you for a report of your activities, donations and spends.  

This CiviCRM module can help you to make the reports of all the donations that you receive and also to create your annual report of activities.

Donors may like to know in which project you are using the money that contributed to you, and it could be a great idea if you inform them in which project you are using their donations, so they can have an idea more tangible of what you are doing with their donations, and inspire them more to kipping supporting your cause.  

Sending you annual report of activities 

It is a good practice to send an annual report of activities to your all your contributors. With CiviCRM you can send all the people you want a digital version of your annual report, and maybe think in not printing it and contribute to taking care  for the  planet. If you do this you are gonna be also saving some money for your organization!