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CiviCRM for human rights organisations

Mobilizing and getting the message out

This chapter will give you some tips to mobilize people for your cause using CiviCRM. Also to engage to those who can help you, to be more people fighting for your cause.

When you think in a mobilization you might think you need a lot of money, but the thing with CiviCRM is that you don´t, the only thing that you will need is a lot of hands, and CiviCRM is a powerful tool that can help you.  

Creating community 

Creating community could be really helpful to commit more people to your cause, to become your cause in their cause. 

This are 5 things that you may know when you want to create community using CiviCRM.

Tell your story

if you want to commit more people to your cause, you may start telling them your story, inspire them, if people is not inspired probably nobody will support you.  You can send them emails with videos, pictures or examples of succesfull cases. Be as creative as you can! 

Inspire and motivate them

Is a good practice to send periodically personalized emails to all your contributors thanking and telling them how important is their support. You can do these easy tasks using CiviCRM. 

Listen your community 

You can create and send surveys to your community and get an idea of how engage they are with your cause. Also you can ask them if they would like to contribute in another way with your cause or have any proposals to improve. 

Become in their information center

You can send to your community more specialized information related with human rights, so they can see you as a reference of the topic.     

Be constant

We recommend you to put special attention in the constancy of the information that you are sending, other way your community could forget you exist. Don´t lose their support!

Making people support your campaigns

You may need hundreds of people supporting you. We recommend you to create your own campaign and petition to publicly responses and information online.  

Making a camping allows you to have a report of responses of the petitions, link activities such as donations, mailings and events to a particular campaign.  

We recommend you that before planning   the activities and strategies associated with your campaign or programmatic goal, think about who are the individuals that you want to engage in your campaign - such as your members, leaders, media contacts, legislators, etc. But  also  in what you are going to do with the signatures. 

Understanding your target audience will help you to choose the most appropriate strategies and communication activities to achieve the goal(s) of your campaign.

If you are not achieving your goals, may be is time to change your strategy. The social networks are very helpful to support your cause. 

We recommend you to work in the message of the petition, when people read it they will need to feel inspired to sign it. 

You can spread your petition via mail and adding the link in your web site. To multiply your efforts you can share it in Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus! 

CiviCRM makes easy to follow the activities of your signers. Do not forget about them! Continue in touch with them, they are your potential contributors as donors or volunteers!

 "Taking action"

Using CiviCRM you can invite to take action in different ways.  You can send a targeted email to the list of the volunteers that are participating in these specific camping of your cause. Organizations have many ways to take advantage of CiviCRM to lighten the task load when planning and managing actions. 

You can call to action by sending to a targeted audience contact list to ensure that the volunteers participate and is also announced more broadly by posting it on the website to allow for online registrations and social network.  You can create your own event template and email message template. 

To spread the information about the action you can send an email and post it in your web site. And also you can schedule email reminders to announce the action. 

You can multiply the spread of  the invitations using the social networks. 

CiviCRM makes it easy to leverage the social networking power of your committed constituents by empowering them to quickly and easily share details about your cause. 

You can spread your message  letting that the people that is already committed with your cause help you with specific actions. They can create their own personal campaign pages and support you to spread the action.  

We reccomend you to take time thinking if you want that the media cover your action, and select carefully the people from the media that you want to invite. If your action is covered by the media, you may want to post t in your site all the notes published. 

At the end of the event, staff can evaluate the success of the action and report results such as number of people participation. 

It is good practice to send an email after the event to all the participants that you know where there. You may want to use this opportunity to promote a new action! 


Organizing a press conference

To present your annual report, launch a campaign or give a specific position for an incident, you may want to organize a press conference.

A press conference gives you the opportunity to present to the media relevant information that you want that be published. You decide which information is presented. It´s important to be strategic because is your opportunity to become your story in a new that be presented in the media. 

Take your time organizing this potential moment to give voice to your cause, CiviCRM is very useful for organize an event such as this. You can make a target report to invite only the reporters that you want to be there and also to be sure that you are calling the indicated people and reporters will not going to consider you as spam. 

We recommend you to be strategic organizing press conferences, if you are holding a press conference you may have something relevant to say, otherwise reporters will stop coming to you. 

It's important that you have your goals clear and the reasons because you are holding a press conference, that could be: to get widespread media coverage; to send a message, to get more people involved in the organization, to show the advances of a campaign or project, etc, so then you can decide better to which people you need to invite too. 

CiviCRM allows you to create your own press release templates, including date, time and place, and also to the deliver it to the media. 

As you may know Thursdays and Wednesdays are the best’s days recommended for sending emails, CiviCRM allows you to schedule the press release delivery for any day that you need to send it.

With CiviCRM you can deliver a press release to the indicated journalists, we recommend you to do it with a least 2 days before, and that follow up it some phone calls a day before of the conference to remind them.  

You also can deliver the invitations to your assistances, such as speakers, moderator, staff, members, allies, volunteers, etc. 

Just after the press conference is finished you may want to send to all the reporters a press realease. CiviCRM allows you again to schedule this delivery, so you don´t have to run to your office after the conference to send it. You can schedule the delivery for the exact moment that you think the conference will be finished. 

If some reporters didn´t assist, you also can send them the press release, It´s very possible that although they couln´t  make it,  some of them may want to publish a new related with your press conference. 


Sending your newsletter

You may want to send a newsletter to all your members, subscribers and donors. With CiviCRM   it´s very easy to create your own templates and send nice newsletters. 

We recommend you to send it only to the people that expressed that wanted to receive it. Other way they may consider you as spam.  CiviCRM ensure that you will send the information to the indicated people.  

In your newsletter you can inform about different campaigns, successful cases, human right abuses, specific actions that you will take, add your petitions campaigns, and ask for different kind of contributions.

To create a nice newsletter you may consider to focus in the interest of your readers and to be constantly so your readers are periodically informed.  They may want to hear about you! Don´t let them forget about your cause! 


Digital activism

You can also use the social network to inspire the people, be creative.
Share with the people